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The leading online live scratch-card B2B solution provider

UDACI is the market pioneer for Live online scratch card solutions. We provide a Holistic solution for official lottery operators, iGaming providers and lottery couriers allowing their customers to purchase and play live scratch cards online 24/7.

Why Live Scratch cards?

Over 10 Million scratch cards are sold worldwide every day, this makes Scratch cards one of the most popular products worldwide. We will enable you to offer your customers the excitement of scratching a real scratch card and do it online 24/7.

UDACI live Scratch card platform advantages


Play your favorite and familiar scratch cards from your phone or computer

Trusted and transparent

No more hidden random number generators, but official physical Scratch cards

Fun & easy

Scratch from anywhere, anytime

Reliable, proven & patented technology

We are the first live scratch card system provider , with proven track record and patented technology

How it works:

The customer purchases a scratch card from the site scratch card catalogue.

After the card was purchased, it is inserted automatically to the scratching machine that reveals what’s under the concealed area, in parallel, the user “scratches” the card in his phone and discover the unconcealed card.

A smart OCR system reads the card data and check's the results.

Winning cards are automatically separated by the machine, and wins are credited to the user.

The whole process is recorded and streamed online so the user is in interaction during the whole process which makes the process fun, transparent and trustworthy.

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Platform Features

Grow your online offering with UDACI’S live scratch platform. Combining cutting edge technology, easy integration, top end user experience and deep industry knowledge, our platform offers a vast scratch games library, 24/7 operations center, and a full CRM solution while Prioritizing top-tier security scalability and availability.

Robotic scratching machines

UDACI’s unique and patented Robotic scratching machines combines the online order to and the physical scratch card and can handle all card sizes and types, control unit and sorting unit to separate the winning tickets from the non-winning ones. The device hardware and software are managed remotely and require only human intervention for feeding new ticket packages and collecting the winning tickets for prize redemption. The device has all required certifications with over millions of tickets already scratched for UDACI worldwide.

Platform Management software

UDACI provides a comprehensive platform management software that includes a CRM solution , reporting and analysis components and full control and complete overview on the process from the displays of the cards in your platform up to the win notifications. Whether you are a Lottery operator, a gaming operator, lottery courier or require a white label solution UDACI’s Platform management system allows you full control and overview.

API and integration Layer

We offer easy and straightforward integration via our B2B scratch API. Our team assists at each step of integration and works together with you before and after our games go live.

Why choose UDACI ?

UDACI is your all-in-one Live scratch platform provider, offering a scalable, reliable and proven solution alongside the flexibility to build solutions tailored to your needs. We support a diverse suite of scratch cards, different operational models and an world leading expertise in this new field. Our onboarding process is streamlined for efficiency, potentially launching your platform in as little as 4 weeks.

25+ years of team experience

99% up-time guaranteed

24/7 customer operations center

4 weeks The fastest go live

*Can be fully tailored for your needs (iLottey, iGaming , Lottery courier or commercial nees)

Advanced platform management tools

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